About Me

24 year old photographer and visual artist specialising in conceptual fashion editorial and creative direction

Master of Arts Commercial Photography Graduate 2019

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography 2016 Graduate

☆♥☆ Founder & Creative Director of G_IRL Magazine ☆♥☆

(July 2018 - Present)

Work featured in a number of magazines including Polyester, Sister, Aether, Achey Breaky Heart, Superhero and Toksick

Collaboration work with brands / designers: Elsie & Fred, Wild Thing, Shine Shack, Em’s The Label, Bottle Blonde Studio, Glitter Disco Child, Jade Clark, Tara Khorzad, Amy Laura Smith, Animal Hair, No Basic Bombshell, Sassy Freak, That’s Sew Maisie, Pomshell & Rhea Barry (rheabfunky)

Contributor & Social Media Editor for Aether Magazine

(October 2016 - March 2018)

Lover of all things rainbow and sparkly

Colourful, creative people hit me up for commissions and collaborations! 


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Email: lucindabunnybarker@outlook.com

Phone Number: 07572085317

Instagram: @lucindabunnyphoto